©Xinyuan(Caesar) Li

User Manual: Student Assistant, 2021

Poster design: Xinyuan Li
Illustration: Zhen Xiong
Photography: J.J 
Thanks to supports from Dr Noel Waite, Lloyd Mostafa and Longwen Wei.

User Manual: Student Assistants is a poster series for Student Assistants(SA) Service provided by the Master of Communication Design(MCD) Faculty at RMIT University. The poster aims to let more MCD students know about the existence of SA and supports that students can receive from SA. One of the challenges was to communicate effectively with a large amount and percentage of international students. The other challenge is to build a close rapport with audiences while being professional in design.

The poster refers to the style of IKEA's product assembly instructions. In doing so, the poster avoids tedious texts and uses explicit and humorous texts and illustrations to ensure the target audiences from different backgrounds and cultures can receive the information easily and quickly from the poster.

The information is well-organized through hierarchy and grid system. The application of playful illustration aims to bridge the distance between SA and audiences/students. The drawn characters are deliberately constructed with simple lines. Such a style without specific identification can be more inclusive and easier to resonate with audiences.