©Xinyuan(Caesar) Li

Artist Website: Rohan Hutchinson

Website Design:
Rohan Hutchinson, Xinyuan (Caesar) Li

Website Development:
Xinyuan (Caesar) Li

Excited to share the artist website I've collaborated on with the incredibly talented artist and photographer Rohan Hutchinson.

It's been an absolutely enjoyable experience to work on this project and immerse myself in his stunning photographs/artworks.

With a minimalist design, the website serves as a backdrop, allowing Rohan's exceptional artworks to shine while capturing his distinct photography style and meticulous attention to detail.

More importantly, Rohan's site incorporates all of Rohan's elements as an artist, designer, curator, educator, as well as the many slashes that accompany his practice, while presenting a cohesive and clear message as the viewer navigates through it, and his practices.

Website: rohanhutchinson.com